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Live Training Reports

Our goal with JVTN®... Training Reports is to make your job managing training easy. Now you'll have up to the minute - complete live reports on every training chapter. Everything you need to know to manage your sales team's daily training.

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"I Don't Have Time To Baby-Sit Training."

We couldn't agree more, and that's why we developed the...


Now There Are Two Easy Steps To Training Accountability
1. Set up your Training Expectations one time in the JVTN® system
2. Look at your e-mail or phone when / if it buzzes you with a Watchdog Text-Alert

Let that mean old watchdog in our system take care of checking things for you.

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My Salespeople Can Play "Games" On JVTN®?

You'd normally say "no way" to salespeople playing games at work. But with JVTN®, you want your salespeople playing our training games so they practice on our virtual customers - instead of on your floor traffic.

JVTN® Includes Two Types Of Games - With Two Different Goals:

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If you knew everything your salespeople did each day, could you have more control over their activities and results?

Answer: Absolutely - that's a critical step in the improvement and growth process.

Problem: But - your DMS or CRM tracking doesn't tell you enough to know exactly where to train.

Solution: In less than 3 minutes per day of your manager's time, JVTN® will show you exactly the 'targeted training' each of your salespeople needs to improve.

Whether you like to pour over the numbers, or just want a quick picture of your salespeople's...

Daily Sales Opportunities - Daily Sales Activities - Daily Sales Results...

JVTN® Will Be Your Guide To Continuous Improvement

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Let JVTN® Help Protect Your Dealership

Daily Sales Opportunities - Daily Sales Activities - Daily Sales Results...

Two Quick Examples: Selling To Your Walk-In Traffic - Taking Incoming Sales Calls

Why would you spend so much money in advertising to put a prospect on the lot, or to get someone to call in on the phone, and allow an un-trained salesperson talk to that prospect or take that call?

The Solution: JVTN® Training Certification On Key Selling Skills

Here again - JVTN® will do the heavy lifting for you if you'll just do one thing in these areas: Require your salespeople to complete a training series, and pass each one with a 90% or higher score.

For even more assurance that you'll get the highest return on your investment, also require that each person pass with 90% or higher score on any Role Play game or Power Drill game available for those courses.

And for the ultimate protection - tie everything into our Sales Level Program in JVTN®

Whatever your needs - JVTN® always has your back!

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Joe Verde Virtual Sales Assistant®

For Every Salesperson

Salespeople hate doing follow up and trying to manage their day and their customer base. Why? Because your DMS and your CRM that you're paying a ton for, are so bloated they aren't user friendly. The Solution: JVTN® includes Joe's VSA® for every salesperson.

The best part: JVTN® will also teach them how to follow up & prospect in today's market!

JVTN® Offers You Every Management Tool You Need To Increase Sales Year After Year In One Simple Package.

Like we said... JVTN® always has your back

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Online Training testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about our online training
“My 90-day average is 38.5 and last month I sold 50 units!”

When I first started selling cars my average was 8 per month. In the last two years I have attended 3 different Joe Verde Workshops, I use his Monthly Planning Guides daily and his Virtual Sales Assistant (software) to manage my customers. Now my 90 day average is 38.5 and last month I sold 50 units! I do well because I eat, live and breathe Joe Verde methods, training and processes. I am proof it works!

- Trent Bright - Salesperson, Tony Basso GM, Price, UT

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“From 15 units a month to 21 – a 28% increase.”

I was averaging 15 units and the month after returning from class I increased my units to 21 (a 28% increase). We processed 38 Internet leads, set 10 appointments (26%) and sold 9 units (90% ). We took 50 incoming calls, set 20 appointments (40%) and sold 12 (60%). I attribute my success to your class which taught me how to set more appointments. Thanks, Joe.

- Angelique Morales - Internet Salesperson, Toyota of Northwest AR, Rogers, AR

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“My first month back I sold 16 units!”

Before your class, I was averaging 9 units a month. After class I started really utilizing the phones on a daily basis and concentrated on becoming friends with them. My first month back I sold 16 units, and now after I sell a car to a customer they feel like they have become part of our family and not just another unit on the board. Thank you Joe, for opening my eyes to a new way of selling!

- Tom Cahill - Salesperson, Bill Howich Chrysler Ltd, Campbell River, B.C

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