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Transitioning to and out of Finance is critical when selling and delivering the vehicle...That's why JVTN® provides courses for both managers and salespeople on handling “Price”, selling in Finance, and moving into delivery the right way to retain customers for life. See how Joe Verde can help you build your customer long-term retention...

Course Outline

Your Role In F&I
  1. Introduction
  2. The Manager Side Of Business Manager
  3. The Selling Side Of Finance
  4. About Finance
  5. Working With Salespeople
S.H.A.C. For Finance
  1. Intro
  2. System / Process Skills (F&I Skills Part 1)
  3. Paperwork Skills (F&I Skills Part 2)
  4. Presentation Skills (F&I Skills Part 3)
  5. Questioning Skills Part 1 (F&I Skills Part 4)
  6. Questioning Skills Part 2 (F&I Skills Part 5)
  7. Turning Knowledge Into Skills (F&I Skills Part 6)
  8. Work Habits
  9. Your Success Attitude
  10. Why Customer Retention Is Critical
Selling In Finance
  1. To Sell More – Understand Buyers
  2. To Sell More – Follow The Selling Process
  3. How To Avoid Price Until You’ve Covered Benefits
  4. Two Quick Closes In Finance
  1. Paperwork In Finance
  2. Current Averages – Why They Matter
  3. Do You Approve Or Improve The Deal?
  4. Secure The Deal
  5. Transitioning Into Finance
  6. How To Transition Out Of Finance
  7. Just Filling In For Finance
  8. Why You Need To Hold Training
How To Handle ‘Price’
  1. Intro By Joe Verde
  2. A Simple Solution To ‘Price’ With Today’s Value-Driven Buyers
  3. What Is Your Experience With Price?
  4. Facts About Price & Today’s Buyer
  5. Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make With Price
  6. 4 Easy Rules With Price To Make More Sales
  7. What’s The Difference? Price Questions – Concerns – Objections
  8. How Do Kitchen Table Budgets Affect Price?
  9. Does The Buying Process Override Cheap Pricing?
  10. If You Can Learn 3 Questions – You Can Handle Price
  11. Your Three Goals: Bypass – Rephrase – Refocus
  12. Bypass Price When You’re On The Lot
  13. Rephrase Price When You’re Closing
  14. Refocus Price When You’re Negotiating
  15. Increase Your Unit Sales – Make More Money – Have More Fun
  16. Trainer Q&A: Course Wrap up “Price”
Transition To Finance The Right Way
  1. Finance: The Last Step Before Your Delivery
  2. Make Your Deals Bulletproof Before They Go To Finance
  3. How – When – Where To Introduce Your Customer To Finance
  4. Transition Out Of Finance & Set Up Long Term Retention
  5. Trainer Q&A: Wrap Up

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“$156,000 my first year selling cars!”

Joe, it’s been one year since I stepped off the oil fields and into the car business. Thank you and thanks to my store for believing in the value of your training. I focused on the Core 4 Selling Skills on JVTN® for the first 2 weeks of my training. I was relentless in my pursuit to get better and took over 100 chapters in that time frame, and I continue to train daily. If it wasn’t for JVTN® and your new basics selling process, I wouldn’t be able to continually sharpen my skills, increase my units, and my income. With JVTN® I went from 8 cars to 10 to 13 to 16 and then to my best month at 20 units after attending your closing and negotiation workshop. Joe, I was #5 in units in our group of 15 stores. I was #1 in gross and I doubled the gross of #2. You truly have taught me how to work smarter not harder, my customers love me, my deals are easier, and the sky is the limit!

- Brad Lehman - Salesperson, Fremont Motor, Riverton, Wyoming

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“Last year we were up 30% in new car sales, and 53% for used!”

Hello Joe, I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for another Incredible Year. As a group, the Murray group believes in training 100% and last year we were up 30% in new car sales and our used car sales were up 53%. We send all of our managers to the managers and sales workshops and all salespeople to the sales workshops and most have been to the Closing and Negotiation workshop as well. Many of them have been multiple times. Why? Because it just plain works. You can never stop learning and you have to keep evolving if you want to stay ahead of the competition. The consistency of the message when going through your New Basics sales process is what everyone needs to stay on track and keep growing, and JVTN® provides that to myself and my team to always keep us fresh and always gives me new topics to train on. I recently attended your Train The Trainer workshop, and I’ve got to say it really got me out of my comfort zone and changed my perspective on what effective training really looks like. After that class, I now approach my meetings with a solid plan, and I understand that if I want to get them excited about any topic we cover, I need to tune in to their station (What’s In It For Them), and if my training doesn’t include the ‘how to’, it’s of no value to them. My meetings have gotten easier, they have been way more effective and the involvement during the meetings has gone up 10-fold. My salespeople are having more fun, closing more deals and making more money and most importantly – more and more of our customers are happy! Thanks again for providing everything a dealership needs to be a success in today’s ever-changing market!

- Tony Almeida - Sales Manager, Murray GM, Fort St. John, BC Canada

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“I doubled my gross and doubled my units!”

Joe, I have been in the car business for 4 years and your online training on JVTN® has been a career saver. Prior to having JVTN®, I was trained like most others; there’s the new car lot and there’s the used car lot. It was basically survival. I was selling 7 cars and not making a lot of money. After taking your courses on JVTN®, I’m selling 15 units and have increased my earnings substantially. Your 8-step sales process has made it so easy to be a success in the car business. Basically, it’s follow the process every single time and you will not fail. Thanks again, for doing the hard part, and figuring out a process that truly works.

- George Bacha - Salesperson, Davis-Moore Chevrolet, Wichita, Kansas

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You'd normally say "no way" to salespeople playing games at work. But with JVTN®, you want your salespeople playing our training games so they practice on our virtual customers - instead of on your floor traffic.

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"I Don't Have Time To Baby-Sit Training."

We couldn't agree more, and that's why we developed the... JOE VERDE TRAINING WATCHDOG TEXT-ALERT SYSTEM. Now There Are Two Easy Steps To Training Accountability

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Our goal with JVTN®... Training Reports is to make your job managing training easy. Now you'll have up to the minute - complete live reports on every training chapter. Everything you need to know to manage your sales team's daily training.

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If you knew everything your salespeople did each day, could you have more control over their activities and results?

In less than 3 minutes per day of your manager's time, JVTN® will show you exactly the 'targeted training' each of your salespeople needs to improve.

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JVTN® will do the heavy lifting for you if you'll just do one thing in these areas: Require your salespeople to complete a training series, and pass each one with a 90% or higher score.

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Joe Verde VSA® For Every Salesperson

JVTN® includes Joe's Copyrighted © 2024 & trademarked VSA® for every salesperson. The best part: JVTN® will also teach them how to follow up & prospect in today's market!

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