Train Your Trainer

Do You Need Training In Your Dealership?

There are two kinds of training; Initial and Ongoing.

Initial training is done best in our classroom environment with group interaction, with a trainer and supervised role playing.

The only place ongoing training can be held is in your dealership. That's why your managers have to learn how to train salespeople.


Get to class today so you can start selling more tomorrow!

Increase Sales - Lower Turnover - Consistency

Program Goals for the Train Your Trainer Workshop: Implement a Complete, Consistent and Effective training process and develop your manager's training skills.

Now it's time to take Closing & Objections to the next level to make even more sales. It's time to learn how to set up the negotiation properly and how to wrap up the negotiation in 20 minutes or less for even more deliveries and another easy 20-30% increase in gross profit.

In the Team Leadership course, you learned that as a manager (with any title) in the sales department, you have four core responsibilities: hire the right people - train them initially and then daily - coach them individually and as a group, develop their skills - and then manage your salespeople and their activities each day.

Managing a sales team is a lot like trying to corral a herd of cats - and training is just about as tough until you learn the steps to success in developing your own in-dealership training and coaching process. You've made the investment in initial training in our different sales courses and you probably have JVTN®, too, and now it's time to really turn on training in your dealership. Attend this course and take one of your most important steps in management by developing your own skills on how to train, coach and develop your salespeople. Our goal in this course is simple; we will teach you how to facilitate training and teach you how to coach your team every day - using the Joe Verde selling, closing, negotiation and business development process as your base.

Here's A Brief Summary Of What You'll Learn In This Course

Our trainers are recognized as the best trainers in the industry. You don't need to build your training from the ground up because when you leave this 2-day workshop, you'll prepare and hold the best sales training meetings anyone has ever held in your dealership. Seriously!

You'll learn the secrets to turning boring sales meetings into dynamic training sessions that build skills fast.

Practically every attendee tells us this is the most intense, most exciting and most exhausting course they've ever attended. If you're serious about getting out of your own comfort zone and learning to teach other people how to succeed in sales, attend this course and you'll learn...

  • Create a continuous 30-60 day training plan to develop the specific skills you know you need
  • Prepare for daily training in 10 minutes or less
  • Get every salesperson involved in every meeting, every time, without exception
  • Get everyone involved in practicing each topic so they can develop the skills they need to improve
  • Get verifiable results from every meeting you hold

Why Daily Training In Your Dealership Is So Important

Attending this program will bring your management staff together as a team and at the end of this workshop, you and your managers will have common goals, and a step-by-step plan to manage your sales force in today's changing market.

Creating Interest And Desire In Learning More Through Daily Training

Your first challenge in holding training in your dealership is to get past all of the negative experiences your salespeople have had in training in the past. We've all sat through way too many long, boring and generally worthless training meetings. We will teach you the 3 step process of how people learn, and we'll show you how to get each person in every meeting interested in learning and developing the skills you'll be covering.

We'll teach you how to get them to want to learn - otherwise it won't matter how important what you're covering is to them, or to the success of your dealership.

There are 3 Stages of Skill Development

  1. First we recognize a skill or technique as being beneficial to us
  2. Then we duplicate the skill through exact practice
  3. Finally, we master the skill from the repetition of continuous practice

Even after we actually develop a skill, like knowing how to bypass price on the lot so we can build value; how to rephrase price when we're closing and how to refocus price back to budget when we're negotiating - every day those skills are challenged so many times in sales that we're continually struggling just to maintain our skills when price comes up.

Now toss in a few dozen other critical skills and habits that we have to maintain on a daily basis and you'll start to understand why a consistent process in sales is critical to help salespeople stay on track and why it takes daily training, reminding, practice and coaching to stay on top of our game.

Add $300 more in gross 50% of the time - after you already have a deal!

  1. Unconscious Incompetence (They don't know what they don't know)
  2. Conscious Incompetence (They know what they don't know, but can't do it)
  3. Conscious Competence (They know but have to focus to make it work)
  4. Unconscious Competence (Selling is a "No Brainer" - now they just do it)

There are so many big skills and even more small skills a salesperson has to master and then maintain to consistently produce at above average levels, that you're literally either learning more in sales every day and growing, or you're constantly in a struggle to even earn a decent income.

Did You Notice That This Is Listed As A "Very Interactive" Course?

The best way to learn to become a trainer is to do it - and that's exactly what you'll be doing for 2 full days. This course will change your life - see you there.

Better Training = More Sales. Call (800) 445-6217.

Management Workshop testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about our management workshops
“62% increase after your Trainer Workshop.”

Joe, after attending your TTT workshop, I realized a sales meeting is not a training meeting. Before class, we weren't using JVTN® effectively, but with what I learned in class, now our meetings are ‘Training' meetings. We start with the WIIFM (what's in it for them), I get them excited about the chapter we'll take next on JVTN®, and now my team walks away with a skill after each meeting. You always say to ‘get back to the basics' so we restarted our online training again with your ‘How To Sell A Car' course. We've been practicing the way we were taught in class and the results were immediate. We're a small dealership and our current average was 29 units a month before the workshop. The month after the class we sold 47 units (62% improvement), and this month we're already on track for 54-almost double what we were selling before the workshop. Thanks for the insider's view on how to plan, prepare and implement great training that gets results now.

Corey Rissler, General Manager, Fremont Volkswagen, WY

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“After Train The Trainer, we’re on track!”

Joe, since returning from your Train the Trainer workshop, my meetings have been amazing! When I got back to the dealership, we started training with the Core 4 Selling Courses on JVTN® and are already on track for our best February in years. Plus, we're also already up $34,000 over last year. I am better prepared now for my meetings, they are interesting, informative and have a real value to my sales team. We are training 3x per week, and just like in your class, we've made it a ‘negative free zone' and are practicing a whole lot more than ever. They are enjoying the training so much more and getting so much more out of it. Thanks for a great workshop that really showed me the finer points of becoming a great trainer, and leader for my dealership.

Kurt Layher, Sales Manager, Bob Ruwart Motors, CDJ/GM, Wheatland, WY

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“We added an additional $700 in gross per unit our first month of implementing your training!”

When I left your Trainer Training Workshop I was on fire and had a plan! The skills I picked up at the workshop turned me into a training machine. We started training M-W-F on JVTN® and we used your Leaders Guide, Workbooks and your Meeting Planner, exactly as you recommend. You made the workshop a negative free zone, and I did the same in our meetings, which was a bit of challenge at first, then the benefits of training started kicking in quickly. I wanted to train, they wanted to learn and we were all growing more and more after each training meeting. I really saw how important it was and that it was working when at the end of the month, I'd try to postpone training and the sales team would revolt and demand we hold training. Joe, this training has made such an incredible change in our attitudes and in our culture. And by the way...we added an additional $700 in gross per unit in our very first month of implementing your training after the workshop.

Jaysen Hayes, Sales Manager, Fremont Motor, Ford, Lander, WY

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Joe's Train The Trainer Workshop is our premier training class to provide managers and the skills and tools they need to coach your sales team into high achievers...Grow your dealership by effectively training your sales team to more success and profitability. See you in class!



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