What Is Your Real Cost Per Sale From Advertising?

To learn your true cost per sale, fill in the blanks below.

Most of us were taught to find our advertising costs per unit by using a very bad formula.

We were told to divide our total ad expenses by our total number of sales instead of dividing our total ad expenses by only our ad-generated sales.

The bad formula was quick and easy math - it showed reasonably low ad expense - and we felt good about our ROI on advertising.

Do you want to know what it really costs you to sell a vehicle on an ad-generated delivery? Just enter four numbers ...

Enter your average monthly advertising expense per month for the last 3 months. (Count everything you spent.)

Enter your average number of retail units per month for the last 3 months.

What % of your sales are from repeat and referral customers, not ads? (Industry average is less than 30%. Change the default if your % is different.)

What % of your business is from your location, not advertising? (Industry average is 62%. Change the default % if yours is different.)