Why Is JVTN® So Effective - Why So Many Great Results?

Lots of reasons.

  • We teach processes. Whatever you want to learn to do, we will teach you the complete step-by-step process.

    For example: If your goal is to sell more units starting today, we'll teach you exactly what to do and exactly what to say from the time you meet your next prospect on the lot, until you've sold the vehicle. Not just a few tips or quick responses - we'll teach you everything you need to say and everything you need to do to deliver more units.
  • You can learn more and learn it faster with our Virtual Training. With JVTN® you'll have 24 / 7 access to the best training in the world. That means you can learn more about selling anytime you have 6 to 10 extra minutes.

    BRAND NEW FEATURE: With just about any current smart phone with a Web browser, now you'll be able to access our online training courses while you're on the lot waiting for your next appointment.
  • With our Role Play games and our Power Practice Drills, you can practice and develop your selling skills and your response times on a Virtual Customer instead of on your next potential commission source (prospect).
  • Because the training on JVTN® is consistent with our training courses, JVTN® is the continuing education you need after class to continually review what you learn and to practice and develop the skills you feel you need the most.

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