You Get Results With Every Joe Verde Training Product

  • BOOK: How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today. Take our award winning sales training class and put the book on your kitchen table to review every day before work. Over 400 pages on how to sell more cars, have more fun and make more money. The best part of having the book - you can take it anywhere and everywhere (except on the demo ride).
  • VSA® - YOUR INDIVIDUAL CRM: My Virtual Sales Assistant is our web-based individual CRM that I designed to work alongside our Monthly Planning Guides (MPGs) for Salespeople. If you’re using our planners now, the VSA® ties in exactly with our MPGs to give you the extra tools you need to set your goals, track your sales activities and results, follow up, prospect and manage your customer base to guarantee you don’t miss any opportunities to grow.
  • MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Selling Cars Today. Every month since 1985, I’ve been covering the most important things you need to do in sales to grow and improve. The articles are hard-hitting, interesting, informative and valuable to any salesperson who is serious about learning everything they can about selling. Join the 20,000 salespeople and managers who rely on these up to the minute tips on where you need to focus TODAY!
  • DVDs - MP3s - Blogs And More: Every Joe Verde Training Product is a tool to help you grow and improve in sales and every product we have works seamlessly with every other training class or product we offer.

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